Best train stations in the U.S.

These stations have all been ranked among the best by their own passengers.  Some because of their beauty, fame and timeless grace, others because of the modern amenities.  One simply because it has great parking.  For whatever reason, each of these stations is good enough that the passengers who use it rank it one of [...]

Traveling on European trains

Traveling through Europe is a lifelong dream for many Americans. For those of you lucky enough to actually take a European vacation, the mode of transportation within the European continent is an important detail to consider. Unlike the mostly-defunct railways of the United States, European trains crisscross the continent, connecting most capitals and major cities. [...]

Why take a train?

Whether you’re planning a trip to see the family at the holidays or a summer getaway, travel doesn’t have to mean long security lines at the airport and several hours in an undersized seat on an overcrowded flight.  There is an alternative. A train.