Train station facts

The oldest train station still standing in the U.S. is the Shawmont Station in Roxborough, Pennsylvania. It is not longer in use, but it remains the same as it was in 1834. It closed in 1990, although trains still pass by it every day.

Early train stations were more than just a place to catch a train or buy a ticket. The stationmaster lived in a room at the station, so it was a home as well as a point of travel. Most stations also included a place for hungry travelers to buy a meal.

At smaller stations, passengers wanting to board the train had to flag the train down as it approached in order to get it to stop. These stations were known as flag stops or flag stations.

The world’s busiest train station, in terms of daily passenger traffic is the Shinjuku Station Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan.

The world’s largest train station in terms of square footage is Nagoya Station in Nagoya, Japan.

The largest train station in Europe is in Berlin, Germany. It opened in 2006.

The largest train platform is at Grand Central Station in New York.

The oldest train station in the world still in use and in its original condition is the Wylam, Northumberland, UK station. It was built in 1835.

Union Station in Washington, D.C. was opened on October 27, 1907, but was not completed until 1908.This Beaux-Arts style building was, at the time it opened, the largest train station in the world, and at the time, it covered more ground than any other building in the United States.

At Grand Central Station in New York City, there are approximately 10,000 means served daily. 98% of the trains run on time. At any given time, there are approximately 19,000 in the Lost and Found, with coats outnumbering all other items. Amazingly, the return rate for lost items is over 60%, with about a 97% return rate for computers and iPods!

India has between 7000-8000 railroad stations. Many have no official names, so a complete count is difficult.

Union Station in Denver, Colorado was built in 1881, a full 11 years after the first train stopped at a temporary building on the site. The station cost $525,000 to build. Unfortunately, in March of 1894, most of the station burned when a fire started in the ladies’ restroom.

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